New year, new luck in the game!
We'd like to share a wonderfull evening with drinks and games
on 17.01.2018 at 18.30 in the chemistry building rooms 183/184 .
And you're invited!
We have beer and softdrinks for a small coin.
Have fun and bring your games and friends!
FSR election 2017
From November 28th to 30th from 09 am – 17 pm the university elections will take place. You can elect the FSR representatives as well as the student representatives for the Fakulty Council and the Senate. In the last years we reached a turnout with above 30%. This year we would like to improve it.

You can find our polling booths in the entrance area of the chemistry building. Every student is allowed to participate in the elections. As a small reward you can also get a hot whine, punch or cookie.

If you want to run for office, you have to submit this document to the StuRa till the 07.11.17. Please send us an Mail, if you run for office so we can put you on the election poster. For information about our work just adress us at the next events or visit us in our office.

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